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3 Reasons Data Centers Need Mission Critical HVAC Maintenance

Published: March, 27 2017

Written by AirTight FaciliTech

53e3ac47a3ac12290f54d294_retina-1.pngThese days, the data center is the central nervous system of an enterprise, housing all of the organization’s digital assets, electronic transactions and communications that pass through a business every day.

For obvious reasons, thinking about the financial and practical consequences of an unexpected outage or catastrophic failure at their data center is enough to keep any CEO up at night.

AirTight FaciliTech provides mission-critical HVAC services to data centers in and around Charlotte so that local CEOs can rest easy. North Carolina, the city of Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County have built up impressive infrastructures to lure plenty of data center construction and expansion to the area, and the goal is to make sure every data center in the area has the HVAC support necessary to keep running consistently and efficiently.

Here are three reasons mission-critical HVAC services are vital for today’s busy data centers:

1. Eliminate Downtime

Data center downtime is really not an option for any company that needs to stay competitive in today's always-on digital business landscape. While most companies can’t boast online revenues at this level, when went down for just 20 minutes in March 2016, it lost an estimated $3.75 million!

Although likely measured on a smaller scale, the cost of an emergency outage can add up quickly when you consider the sales and opportunities that are lost, missing or corrupted data, and broken communications. If it happens with any kind of regularity, the company's reputation can suffer as well. Learn how to avoid to common HVAC repair scenarios.

While every electronic component in the modern data center is protected against unexpected errors through layers of redundancy, the building’s HVAC system is vital to keeping the servers and other equipment up and running. Temperature or humidity extremes caused by faulty HVAC can affect performance, or even cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronics that no level of redundancy could account for.

One of the key aspects of mission-critical HVAC services is a customized preventive maintenance schedule, real-time monitoring system components, and proactive replacements and upgrades designed to mitigate downtime. Learn more in the facility manager's guide to planned maintenance for commercial buildings

2. Support Growth

Data centers must be able to adapt instantly to varying traffic and usage, high server load, and unexpected spikes. The centers themselves are also continually expanding, either internally or by means of connected satellite centers.

While the servers, network cables and other components of a modern data center must be monitored and upgraded constantly to provide for this level of adaptability and scalability, the building’s HVAC system also needs to support these qualities if the scaled operation is going to function well.

Mission-critical HVAC services support growth by customizing every installation, repair, and upgrade recommendation to each data center's unique needs, and ensuring that all components are maintained with a focus on flexible growth.

3. Preserve Energy Efficiency

Incredibly, data centers already account for 7 percent of all the energy usage in the United States, and that footprint continues to grow. With that much energy being consumed, energy efficiency is an understandable concern. Companies running data centers can benefit from cost containment and the benefits of making environmentally friendly business decisions if they prioritize the use of energy efficient equipment at their data centers.

Mission-critical HVAC services that highlight energy efficiency make it possible for data center owners and managers to control energy costs and lessen the facility’s impact on the environment. This is accomplished through strategic installation, maintenance, and monitoring of data center’s HVAC equipment.

If you handle facility management for a data center in or around Charlotte, North Carolina, contact us to discuss how mission critical HVAC services can benefit you.

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