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How Commercial Building Can Balance Uptime vs. Operating Costs

Published: September, 10 2018

As a data center, your main priority is your uptime. All your systems must be highly reliable and available 99.999% of the time and, as a North Carolina HVAC provider, AirTight FaciliTech understands that HVAC services are crucial to making this happen. After all, according to Moore’s Law, computing capacity doubles every 18 months, meaning the heat generated by updated computing equipment also rises. If your equipment is generating too much heat, it and the surrounding equipment will fail. In the data center industry, this is unacceptable.

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5 Reasons an Energy Optimization Audit is Vital for Charlotte’s Commercial Buildings

Published: March, 19 2018

It’s always easier to tell where you’re going once you have a clear idea of where you’ve been. While it applies in many areas of life, that’s the basis of the energy audit we perform on commercial facilities: to see where the facility has been in terms of energy usage and efficiency in order to determine where it’s going, and how to improve that course.

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How Big Data and AI is Changing Charlotte’s Commercial HVAC Systems

Published: March, 12 2018

When you look back now at some of the predictions scientists and authors of the early 20th century were making about the time we’re living in now, it’s really pretty amazing. Not just because some of those predictions were so far off it was funny, (why isn’t there a robot maid and a flying car in every American home at this point?), but even more because of how incredibly accurate some of them turned out to be.

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If Operational ROI is a 2018 Goal, Benchmarking for Your Charlotte Building is Key

Published: February, 12 2018

If you are operating a commercial facility larger than 50,000 square feet, the statistics tell us your monthly energy expenses are likely consuming up to 30 percent of your total operating budget.

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Liquid Cooling - The Next Step in Data Center Heat Management?

Published: December, 22 2017

As one of the leading commercial HVAC service providers in the greater Charlotte area, we’re proud to count many of the area’s growing data centers as satisfied customers. They’re considered mission critical facilities because, in many cases, entire businesses — and the livelihoods of thousands of employees — depend on the communication and transactions that flow through those data centers every day.

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These 3 Energy Efficiency Upgrades are a Must for Your Commercial Building

Published: July, 24 2017

As a commercial building owner or facility manager, you need to be concerned about rising energy costs. Ideally, you would love to implement everything you can to improve your building’s energy efficiency and lower your operating costs immediately, but you’re also extremely busy and taking on that kind of project can be overwhelming.

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3 Ways to Optimize Energy Usage For Your Charlotte Data Center HVAC

Published: July, 17 2017

The average data center uses the same amount of energy as about 100 office buildings of equivalent size. With that kind of impact on the bottom line, it makes sense that energy efficiency is a high priority for most companies. Data centers house the network servers and other digital infrastructure that support billions of online interactions and store information that’s become vital to day-to-day life across the globe.

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3 Reasons Data Centers Need Mission Critical HVAC Maintenance

Published: March, 27 2017

These days, the data center is the central nervous system of an enterprise, housing all of the organization’s digital assets, electronic transactions and communications that pass through a business every day.

For obvious reasons, thinking about the financial and practical consequences of an unexpected outage or catastrophic failure at their data center is enough to keep any CEO up at night.

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A Business Case for Pursuing an Energy Star Rating for Your Commercial Building

Published: February, 09 2017

The Energy Star program, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, is “the most successful voluntary energy conservation movement in history.”

The statistics back up that claim, and there’s no doubt that, strictly from a branding and marketing perspective, few other organizations have accomplished more in putting energy efficiency and conservation in the public eye.

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How to Reverse These 3 Commercial Heating and Cooling Issues

Published: January, 06 2017

When trying to balance all the different tasks that come with managing a large commercial facility, it pays to learn how to quickly diagnose and fix problems when they first appear rather than waiting until they get worse.

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