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3 Tools Commercial HVAC Companies Use to Improve ROI

Published: January, 04 2017

Written by AirTight FaciliTech

ROI for HVAC services.pngAs an HVAC service provider, our goal at AirTight FaciliTech is to do everything we can to help our customers succeed. For owners of commercial buildings and facility managers, success has a number of different facets, but one of the key indicators is the ability to show ROI.

While maintaining, repairing, and replacing commercial HVAC system components can require a significant investment, we’re focused on determining the positive return building owners can expect to see.

We have been working with commercial building owners and managers in the Charlotte area for years, and we know how important it is to make recommendations that not only help buildings operate comfortably and efficiently, but that also provide positive returns down the road.

To support that commitment, we’ve established various tools and procedures that help us continually improve and communicate ROI as we carry out our maintenance, inspections, installations, retrofit, and repair projects. Here are three tools commercial HVAC companies can use to improve ROI:

1. An operational assessment

The operational assessment is the starting point of most projects, and it’s a service we strongly recommend to our existing clients on at least a biannual basis.

At its core, this service allows technicians and energy engineers to review the state of your building’s system performance, including tenant comfort, air quality, energy usage, energy efficiency, and the condition of the equipment. Through a detailed review, we’re able to determine where and how improvements can be made to keep the system running well, while saving on energy costs over the long term.

The end result of the operational assessment is a prioritized “to do” list of actions to take to obtain the very best ROI from your commercial HVAC system. This includes low-hanging fruit that requires little or no investment, to higher-cost items to include in capex planning for the upcoming year.

2. A planned maintenance program

Another way commerical HVAC companies can impact ROI is through a planned maintenance program for the HVAC systems in a commercial building.

Like any complex piece of machinery, a commercial HVAC unit and its connected systems requires various types of routine maintenance to keep it functioning at full capacity. From cleaning leaves and debris out from between exposed coils on the roof, to replacement of dirty air filters and periodic lubrication of fan motors, there are dozens of tasks that need to be handled on a regular basis to keep your system functioning well and using energy efficiently.

By investing in a planned maintenance program, you can ensure that:

  • All the routine maintenance tasks your system needs will be completed on schedule by a trained and experienced technician
  • While maintaining your equipment, a technician will regularly have an opportunity to visually inspect system components with an eye on potential issues that could arise down the road
  • Upgrades or replacements can be recommended before they become emergency repairs, reducing costly downtime and allowing for more effective budgeting

When you factor in the extended lifespan of well-maintained equipment and the reduction of costly emergency repairs or unexpected replacement expenses, it’s easy to understand why a planned maintenance program offers a tremendous impact on your facility’s ROI.

3. Building automation and controls

A third tool that has proven to be very effective in boosting ROI is the use of electronic controls including “smart” sensors as part of a building’s controls system that allows for 24/7 remote monitoring.

These powerful digital tools allow us to keep facilities performing and running as efficiently as possible. If problems arise, we can be informed immediately and have a technician dispatched to address the issue. Even the slightest variation in usage or output can be monitored and flagged by a quality analytics system. Depending on the situation, the system can self-adjust, or it can take steps to set up a work order to have the problem resolved.

If you’d like to discuss how our Charlotte HVAC company can help improve your commercial building’s ROI, we’d be delighted to set up an opportunity to talk.

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