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How Planned Equipment Maintenance Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

Published: February, 04 2016

Written by Greg Crumpton

Those of us who work with machinery day in and day out probably see more than our fair share of Murphy’s Law in practice. Sometimes it feels like every moving part and electronic component around us is just biding its time, waiting for an opportunity to seize up or fry.

If it’s your toaster or your hair dryer that goes bad, it’s a minor annoyance.

But if it’s one of the chillers that keeps your 200,000 square foot office building comfortable during Charlotte’s sweltering summer… that’s a bigger deal. In fact, that’s a potential disaster.

How To Outsmart Murphy’s Law And Save Thousands Of Dollars

While Murphy’s Law can hold its own, there is a proven method to keep it from creating disasters in your commercial facility’s mechanical systems.

It’s called Planned Equipment Maintenance.

The concept is very simple: by carrying out planned, routine maintenance on your facility’s critical systems, you can find problems before they get out of hand, and prevent issues that stem from neglect. This is so simple, in fact, many commercial facility managers don’t even think about it… until it’s too late.

For those folks, we offer emergency repair services. But, to be honest, that’s not our preference. Nobody wants to end up in an emergency situation.

Planned maintenance, on the other hand, keeps the facility up and running with no down time, no frustrating heating or cooling outages, and no unexpected emergency repair costs to shoehorn into the budget. It’s an all-around better option that helps keep your equipment in top condition at an affordable cost your budget can handle.

The Importance Of Customized Maintenance Plans

At AirTight FaciliTech, every one of our planned maintenance programs is custom designed for a specific client. We don’t have blanket one-size-fits-all maintenance plans to sell you because effective maintenance doesn’t work that way.

Instead, our planned maintenance program includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of the current system parameters, age, life expectancy, and other factors that will impact how it’s maintained.
  • Replacement parts sourced ahead of time, so replacements can be made quickly and cleanly with no down time.
  • Built in trend monitoring so we can learn exactly how your system “ticks”, which puts us in an even better position to catch it before it goes awry.

And, as time goes on, we’ll make recommendations for incremental upgrades that will keep your system running like a top without the need for huge capital expenditures for complete system replacements.

All in all, planned HVAC maintenance based on a customized plan makes a lot of sense. If you’d like to see the benefits of customized planned maintenance at your commercial facility in the Charlotte area, contact us to set up an appointment.

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