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How to Manage HVAC Repair Costs for Charlotte Buildings

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As a commercial facility manager in the greater Charlotte area, one of your main responsibilities is to make sure all the mechanical systems in your building are functioning properly and well cared for, so tenants and employees can be comfortable, safe, happy, and productive. While creating or approving budgets may not be your direct responsibility, it’s safe to say the building owner would like to keep costs under control. So, you need to be concerned about budgeting too.

In fact, effectively managing a commercial facility is much like running the entire business: you need to be on top of income and cash flow, keep expenses controlled through efficiency and smart decision making, and boost profit margin wherever possible, all without sacrificing quality.  

In the case of the building’s HVAC system, there are several ways to accomplish these budget-friendly goals:

  • Encourage efficient energy usage to lower monthly energy spend
  • Extend the life of the equipment while maintaining peak performance
  • Approach upgrades, repairs and replacements proactively and strategically
  • Enhance productivity by maintaining an optimal comfort level

You already realize that doing all that requires more than the occasional walk down to the boiler room or up to the roof with a clipboard in hand to check items off a list. The increasingly complex building systems you rely on daily to keep your facility’s environment safe and comfortable require the skills and knowledge of an experienced professional technician if you’re going to stay on top of thsse goals.

The key is planned maintenance for commercial HVAC

To manage HVAC repair and service costs in your Charlotte commercial building, the best available option is to take advantage of a planned maintenance program from AirTight FaciliTech.

A planned maintenance program is a proactive schedule of inspections, tests, and strategic replacements designed to optimize the system’s operation throughout the year. An experienced technician will visit your facility at least once per quarter to:

  • Visually inspect the HVAC system’s various components
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks like filter replacement and cleaning
  • Review system analytics (if available) and optimize the system for energy efficiency
  • Make note of aging components that can be proactively replaced or upgraded to avoid an emergency repair
  • Keep you in the loop on the current system status and any potential areas of concern so you can budget accordingly

This kind of proactive approach to HVAC system repair and maintenance makes it easier for facility managers to assist the building owner in preparing for capital expenditures as allowed by the budget, and getting the most value out of every investment.

It also frees up your maintenance staff to concentrate on projects where they can add greater value in their own areas of expertise.

To explore a planned maintenance program for your commercial facility, contact AirTight FaciliTech today.

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