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3 Ways Mission Critical HVAC Services Protect Your Charlotte Area Business

Published: September, 01 2016

Written by AirTight FaciliTech

3 Ways Mission Critical HVAC Services Protect Your BusinessThere’s no denying that conducting business in a comfortable environment, where the air quality and temperature is just right, is the preferable option for any professional setting - from a large corporate office to a busy factory floor.

But in a mission critical environment, where the temperature, air quality, and other environmental variables can mean the difference between business-as-usual and catastrophic failure, a dependable HVAC system becomes as much a matter of financial protection as it does a matter of comfort.

Here are just three of many ways commercial HVAC services designed specifically to meet the needs of mission critical facilities can protect your Charlotte area business:

1. Avoiding costly and dangerous downtime

The official definition of “mission critical” can have different meanings depending on the industry and type of company. In some cases, a particular facility or section of a facility may be mission critical to the company running it, but not externally to customers.

One example may be the private data center for a large corporation’s internal use. In other cases, a company or government facility may serve as the nexus for a host of systems or services that a portion of the population relies on, such as the data centers utilized by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Another example of a mission critical facility is a hospital. In a healthcare setting like this, patients’ lives are truly at stake. That’s why it’s imperative that an HVAC system operate successfully to avoid air contamination in sterile environments.

In either case, these facilities house equipment and data that is vital to the ongoing functionality of a company or service. Losing access to that equipment or to the data it houses due to HVAC failures could cause major disruptions. The cost of an outage, in terms of both money and potentially dangerous consequences, can be astronomical.

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2. Protecting valuable equipment

In many cases, the types of companies that are considered “mission critical”, where downtime is simply not an acceptable option, include data centers and other facilities housing sensitive electronic equipment. These buildings rely heavily on controlled environments to maintain the optimal conditions for operation. In these facilities, a poorly-functioning or inconsistent HVAC system could lead to damaged equipment or corrupted data.

Not only is repairing or replacing expensive equipment a financial burden, in some cases, the replacement of lost or corrupted data is not an available option, which can be even more detrimental to a company.

3. Maintaining safe and consistent service

Whether a company provides life-saving medical services, or serves as a hosting provider for other companies’ websites, avoiding downtime and costly emergency repairs at mission critical facilities has a direct impact on performance and how their customers view their reliability and commitment to quality.

Outages that lead to unsafe conditions, such as a power grid or data shutdown affecting a hospital, could potentially create dangerous situations and subsequent legal concerns for the company responsible. Likewise, outages that result in significant inconvenience or other customer service issues can irreparably harm the reputation a company has worked so hard to build.

In all of these cases, it’s evident how important high-quality, consistent, reliable mission critical HVAC services for your Charlotte area facility can be when you rely on facilities that simply can’t have downtime. If you’re concerned about the performance of HVAC systems in your mission critical facilities, contact us today to have them reviewed and discuss your options.

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