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Really, We Only Get One Chance


Years of work. Continually trying to exceed the expectations. Staying current so you can help people.  Becoming a trusted ally.  Someone others can count on.  Being there.  Never saying "I can't help".

In my mind this is how an achiever lives. 

Indeed, it's the way I have set my own course in life, not just in work, but in general. I have screwed this up more than once, but the over-arching mission most days is to excel and rise to the highest level I can.

My dad was an awesome human, but he wasn't the most colorful flower in the vase. He just had a way of being real about life. One of the most poignant things I ever heard him say was, "If you don't expect much, you can't be let down." That was his way of instilling in me a way to manage my expectations. He was usually referring to people and their commitments when he delivered this lesson.

Recently, I introduced a group of business acquaintances to a long-time friend who had the need for what this group had to offer.  The thought of screwing up my friendship and working relationship with "Joe" really weighed on me.  As I talked to my wife and my other business partners about it, I never did feel like I was totally sold on it, but my friend needed this to happen, as he was trying to deliver on his strong commitment to his customer.

Fast forward a year. And... Surprise! I trusted in a process and the verbal commitments of a few people that have now stressed many relationships. I guess I didn't listen to Pop's advice earnestly enough.

This saga is nothing more of a self-reminder that I am making public. In business and in life, remember that we really only get one chance to sabotage friendships that other people do not hold in high regard.

Keep your commitments when you make them, work to exceed them, don't falter for all the world to see and then try to excuse your way out of it.

Remember how and why you were even in the game to begin with.

Stay curious, stay strong.