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Selecting a New Charlotte Commercial HVAC Provider? 4 Factors to Consider

Selecting A New Charlotte Commercial HVAC Provider? 4 Factors To ConsiderSelecting a company you’re going to entrust to maintain your commercial HVAC system isn’t an insignificant decision. Your facility’s HVAC system is a valuable asset that needs to be well cared for and protected, and its day-to-day functionality and efficiency have a direct impact on your bottom line. You’ll want to choose a long-term partner with the knowledge, experience, and the resources necessary to consistently provide great service.

Here are 4 key factors you should consider before deciding who that long-term commercial HVAC partner should be:

Where is their expertise?

When evaluating various providers, consider whether or not they handle both commercial and residential work. And if they do, which side of the business gets their focus?

While it’s certainly possible for one company to provide both residential and commercial HVAC service to an extent, the skills and experience are quite different. If the company maintains a limited number of technicians who handle both types of service, you may find they lack the experience and knowledge you could receive from a service provider who focuses exclusively on commercial HVAC services.

What kind of reputation do they have?

Rather than relying solely on your impressions from speaking to a provider or reviewing their proposal, it’s important to take time to research their experience and track record as best you can, using independent sources wherever possible. This can include online research for customer feedback, Better Business Bureau(BBB) rating, past mentions in the news, and anything else you can glean.

In addition, taking the time to seek out and talk to current and previous customers can help you get a feel for how the company operates, the level of service they provide, and whether or not they’ll be a good fit for you.

Are they offering custom recommendations?

It’s always tempting to gravitate toward the least expensive option, but when you stop to think about it a moment, you realize the decision goes beyond pricing. It only makes sense that spending less at the beginning of a project might mean spending far more down the road if it involves low-quality equipment, poor installation or both. Even if the initial project seems to go well, going with the lowest bid could leave you facing future repairs and/or replacements far sooner than should have been necessary.

Likewise, the lowest price option often ends up being a one-size-fits-all package that the provider offers to everyone. In that case, your building isn’t getting the kind of personalized service it deserves.

Often, the best way to decide which proposal is the best option for your unique facility is to compare the proposed project’s returns on investment. As a building owner or facility manager, you want to work with a provider who is offering a custom selection of products and services that will result in the best ROI over the long term.  

Do you work well together?

It may seem an odd factor to base your decision on, but how you and your team get along with the technicians and salespeople representing a provider will determine how enjoyable and productive the relationship is likely to be. Since you should be seeking out a HVAC service provider you can trust over the long-term, working well together supports that strategic mission.

If you’re currently seeking a Charlotte commercial HVAC service provider, we encourage you to learn more about us at AirTight FaciliTech. Our experienced team of energy engineers and HVAC technicians meet all of the above requirements and more. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your next facility project.  

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